Avoid These Common Car-Buying Myths at Joe Machens Mazda

September 21st, 2018 by

Buying a new or pre-owned car can be a big deal for many people. Oftentimes, drivers can feel overwhelmed by the jargon of the auto industry. Additionally, many buyers don’t know what feature to look for in a vehicle or are overwhelmed with the number of choices.

If you feel similar to this, don’t fret; the staff at Joe Machens Mazda is here to help. We understand the troubles that come with buying a new car and our staff is trained to answer any questions you may have. Moreover, our staff can help debunk some common car-buying myths that plague many buyers.

The Most Common Myth: Buy a Car on a Rainy Day

This myth essentially claims that buying a car from a dealership means you can get a better deal. Ultimately, this stems from the belief that there will be less people at the dealership because of the rain and so you have a better chance at getting a deal. There are a few ways we can debunk this myth.

First, car dealerships are no less busy on rainy days, in fact, they might actually be a bit busier than when it’s especially hot and sunny. Second, even if there were fewer people, our representatives are trained to treat every customer with singular care, so the number of customers wouldn’t affect our staff’s behavior. Finally, the rain doesn’t increase your chance of getting a good deal at Joe Machens Mazda. That’s because we always want to help you get the best deal possible, rain or shine!

Buying a Mazda Car at Joe Machens Mazda

Head over to your Missouri Mazda dealer today to speak to a representative and debunk some more car-buying myths! Visit Joe Machens Mazda today to find the right new Mazda car for sale or to learn more about car-buying in general!

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